Dr Duncan Dymond in the Media

Dr Duncan Dymond has achieved an impressive public profile. He has made a number of television and radio appearances and has also written several articles for the National Press along with other publications. Please click on the links below to find out more on Dr Dymond’s media appearances. We also have a selection of Dr Dymond's media appearances available to watch now.

TV Appearances

In 2005 he has appeared on Breakfast TV, Channel 5’s Doctor Doctor, and been the focus of one programme in the BBC2 series ‘The Private Life of Harley Street’. In 1996, he did a one-day television presenter’s course organised at the studios of Meridian TV by Pozitiv Productions. A show reel is available.

He advised Wall-to-Wall television on a programme on heart attacks (Body Story - Channel 4 November 1998), and has participated twice in ‘Trust Me I am a Doctor’ for BBC2. He has even ventured into the sewers of London to make a video for the BBC Science website explaining how heart attacks happen. Dr Dymond also appeared in a fascinating BBC3 documentary called 'Old Before Your Time' covering drug addiction and the effects it has on the heart.

Building on his love of football, a recent TV appearance was part of the sports section on Sky News talking about the increased incidence of heart attacks during penalty shoot-outs! Rather more seriously however, his most recent appearance was on Sky News discussing the health implications of binge drinking and obesity and looking at how it can cause irregular beating of the heart.


Dr Dymond has appeared on several radio broadcasts, including ‘Outlook’ on the BBC World Service, the Today programme, Radio 5 Live and Jane Markham’s News Programme on Classic FM.

He has also contributed to a mini-series on ‘Survivors’ for ‘Medicine Now’ on Radio 4, and done live phone-ins on BBC regional radio in Oxford, Lancashire and Cleveland, as well as London radio.

Popular Writing

In 1993-1994 he was invited by Parthenon Publications to write the ‘Atlas of Myocardial Infarction’, one of the visual encyclopaedias, and this was published in 1994. To help patients understand their illnesses and treatment he published ‘The Jargon-Buster’s Guide to Heart Disease’ (Metro Books) in May 1996. This book, aimed at the non-medical public, has attracted much media interest. The updated version ‘The Plain English Guide to Hear Disease’ has been published in 2003.

The book ‘How to Cope Successfully with High Blood Pressure’, commissioned by Wellhouse Publishing has been published in September 2003. This work is for the non-medical public and explains the dangers and treatment of this common condition.

He has also written several articles for the non-medical public, which have appeared in magazines such as ‘Active Life’, ‘Men’s Health’, ‘Yours’, ‘Choice’, and both ‘Woman’ and ‘Woman’s Own’ as well as ‘Jewish Chronicle’.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles

Tatler’s guide to the top 250 consultants in the UK is based on the opinions of the most experienced, leading physicians, surgeons and GPs. They were asked the question that most people would like to ask them: “Who would you choose to treat you and your family if you needed vital medical care?”.

The results cover the top 250 consultants for a range of different medical disciplines including Cardiology. In this survey of medical professionals Dr Duncan Dymond was selected as one of the leading Cardiology Consultants in the UK. You can see the full guide online.

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